Using our proven architecture as a solid base, all our solutions are customised to meet our clients’ distinct requirements. All our designs are laboratory tested and ISO 9001:2008 certified to ensure reliability and a long life, while our hardware delivers high-performance speed and security, and compliance with all major international standards.



Design Services

Our design and manufacturing team can quickly and cost-effectively make your idea a reality. Our engineers create 3D drawings, research ergonomics and build a prototype, while our retail system experts design and develop software that interacts seamlessly with any major payment platform, including Worldline’s own broad range of payment solutions. We then manufacture your solution to our high standards, and provide professional and support services to extend the value and life of the product.




We can advise clients on key digital self-service implementation decisions, such as siting for greatest impact. We provide consultancy as a value added service, reflecting our commitment to the success of the solution we have developed. Our consultancy also leverages our much wider experience in, for example, payments and financial management.


Global Service Delivery

Our unique Flexible business model is built around a global portfolio with end-to-end support. Our specialist network of partners contributes to our innovations, helps us scale up production for major clients, and provides first-class technical support.


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