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Rail Services


Worldline has supported rail companies for more than 20 years, anticipating market changes with our range of end-to-end services. We are pioneers in developing ticket vending machines, with 1,800 units installed across the rail network, processing more than 100,000 transactions per day, selling three tickets every second, and providing revenues in excess of £1.5 billion a year for our rail company clients.


Today we are transforming customer e-ticketing with leading edge interactive solutions at Oxford and Paddington and across major stations in the North of England – enabling rail companies to host configurable information, advertising and promotional material, as well as accommodate upgrades and enhancements such as contactless payment and barcode scanning.


Retail Services


Digital technology is at the heart of a retail revolution – powering new levels of footfall, determining big brand loyalty, and boosting sales revenues. A new wave of ‘omni-channel’ shoppers are demanding more and our retail clients are responding, blending physical and digital experiences, personalising shopping journeys, and engaging customers with simple, interactive access to information and advice.


Worldline designs bespoke digital media displays for our major brand clients, including digital stores and large format interactive walls. Digital experiences in store are increasing basket value and conversions across all channels. Store sizes and real estate costs are down, along with stock holding. Most importantly, digital solutions provide an immersive, entertaining shopping experience without increasing staff.

Hospitality Services


Worldline self-service solutions deliver high quality, flexible and time-efficient customer services, designed to enhance brand reputations, enable better customer intimacy, and increase selling opportunities.


Some 500 Worldline check-in kiosks are helping guests avoid delays in hotels today – as well as offering other touchscreen services. Our clients can interface our software with their back office systems, so business transacted by self-service can be integrated with business intelligence and used for logging customer preferences – promoting loyalty, recognition, and reward schemes that drive revenue.


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