Worldline Digital Self-Service Products

Cash & Card

The Cash & Card ticket vending machine has a compact design, making it convenient and unobtrusive when used in numbers at busy railway stations. Passengers can use multiple coin denominations and currencies and receive change in notes if appropriate, improving customer experience and reducing coin top-up workload for busy staff.


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Card only

Card Only machines provide the same retailing service as Cash & Card machines but with no cash handling or accounting duties required from station staff, and with no cash to steal, the machines are less vulnerable to break-ins. The Card Only machine is also a simpler design, meaning lower support costs.


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Rear Access


Our Rear Access Cash & Card machine is designed with no access from the front. This is ideal for fitting into a wall, with the rear of the machine in a secure environment. It allows for multiple coin denomination and recycling, and just like Cash & Card machines, delivers the convenience of change in notes and the workload savings of fewer coin top-ups. All administrative activities can be undertaken behind closed doors whilst the machine is still retailing out on the station platform or concourse.


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Interactive Ticketing


Offering the same functionality as Cash & Card machines, Interactive Ticketing adds value to the customer experience by providing live local departure information and network maps as well as additional configurable information, advertising, and promotions. A large screen improves the user interface, and is compliant with the UK’s Disability Discrimination Act by offering a height varying retail application on screen.


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