About us



About us


Worldline develops digital self-service solutions to build connected customer relationships. With over 20 years’ experience, we can help your business harness the potential of digital technology.


We are pioneers in bespoke rail ticket vending machines. Our interactive technology also delivers queue-busting hotel check-in kiosks to save guests precious time and allow you to focus on providing the best possible service. And we are at the heart of the digital retail revolution, developing innovative media displays and interactive digital expertise to boost footfall, loyalty and sales.


All our solutions fit seamlessly into our end-to-end family of products, centered on Worldline's payment technology at the heart, giving you a single, accountable provider. Enjoy a bright future with Worldline.



DSS design
DSS assembly


Our mission


To help our clients empower their customers, improve engagement and grow their businesses through unique digital solutions. To deliver speed and convenience through our interactive customer experiences, while anticipating and responding to market changes. And to continue to develop innovative digital functions backed by unrivalled payment transaction expertise.



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